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We’re always happy to have speakers from our community presenting their talks. Here are some notes on how to prepare for your talk and schedule your talk for a meetup.

Please be aware that we’re completly organized by the community for the community. Therefore we cannot cover any travel expenses or hotel bookings.

Step 1: Select a Format

We have both slots for full featured talks (25min + QA-Time) and Lightningtalks (5min + QA-Time).

If you want to talk about your or your company’s product, please do a lightning talk instead of a full talk.

Step 2: Select a Topic

Already have a topic? Great! If not, here are some examples of topics that have been requested by our members:

You can also take a look at our archives about talks we’ve already seen.

Step 3: Open an Issue

To coordinate all talks, we discuss them openly here at GitHub. Please open an issue and add this information to your proposal:

Please also note on which meetup (e.g. which date) you would like to give that talk.

Step 4: Prepare your talk

Prepare everything for your talk. If you have any questions at that time, just update your issue at GitHub or write us on Slack.

Step 5: The Meetup

Usually we give you a hint before the meetup at which time your talk will be. Please bring your own device. We try to provide a beamer or big screen with HDMI connection. If you need anything else, please ask us a few days before.

During the meetups we take some pictures and sometimes do video recordings of the talks. If that is not OK for you, please mention this in your issue on GitHub. Those videos will not be sold or used for any commercial uses and are only recorded for developers that cannot attend a meetup.

Your audience will be a group of about 60 to 90 swift developers from different backgrounds. After your talk there is some time for QA (about 5 minutes).

Step 6: After the Meetup

You’re done! Thank your for helping the community.

Please upload your slides and/or example code somewhere so we can share it with all members.